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Fall 2015 * RHE 330c
Instructor: Lester Faigley


Expect to write short discussion-board essays in response to our readings and viewings, create a photographic essay, make a presentation about a photographer, write an essay about a documentary photography, and complete an original documentary project. The documentary project will consist of 10-20 photographs and 1500-2000 words of explanatory text. The text and photographs should present an understandable, engaging, "picture" of the subject, but the writing and the photos should each stand on their own.

A syllabus and more information about the course are available on Canvas.

The Little Penguin Handbook, 3rd ed. Faigley. PDF supplied by professor
Handout essays and online readings and viewing

A digital camera (Your smart phone will work for some photos, but your phone camera will not work well in low light.)


Please note that there will be penalties for late work: two points for each calendar day late for discussion board essays; four points for each calendar day late for projects. The late penalty applies to both drafts and final versions. You must attend class from the beginning on workshop days to receive credit.

Points possible
Discussion board essays: 20
Quiz: 10
Presentation on a photographer: 5
Project 1: 5
Project 2: 20
Project 3: 30
Project 4: 10

Point equivalents for final grades
100-93 = A
92-90 = A-
89-87 = B+
86-83 = B
82-80 = B-
79-77 = C+
76-73 = C
72-70 = C-
69-67 = D+
66-63 = D
62-60 = D-
59-0 = F

Participation is ESSENTIAL. If you miss class, you will still be responsible for the work for that day. You expect me to report for work-and on time. I expect the same of you. Coming in late is disruptive. So be punctual. Also, be advised that two tardies (more than ten minutes late) equals one missed class. Six absences results in failure of the course.

All work in this course must be your own creation, including photographs. If you wish to incorporate someone else's ideas or images, you must acknowledge your source. If you have questions about the use of source materials, see me before turning in the assignment. Plagiarism is a serious offense in college and can result in failure for the course and possibly expulsion.


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