Constructing Rhetorical Education

Marie Secor and Davida Charney (eds.)

Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press, 1992.

The collection anthologizes 19 essays that were originally presented as talks at the 1988 Penn State Conference on Rhetoric and Composition. The book honors the career of Professor Wilma Ebbitt, who taught composition and editing in Penn State's English Department for fourteen years until her retirement in 1988.


Orality and Literacy: Thoughts About the Evolution of Consciousness. Katherine Borland

A Reexamination of Attitudes Towards Black English Vernacular. Valerie Balester

Feminist Theory in the Writing Classroom. Anu Dingwaney and Larry Needham

Women's Work, Worthy Work: Composition Instruction at Vassar College, 1897-1922. JoAnn Campbell

When 'Basic Skills' Are Really Basic and Really Skills: The Studio Curriculum at Syracuse. Louise Wetherbee Phelps

Looking Under the Table: The Shapes of Writing in College. Carmen B. Schmersahl and Byron Stay

Technology as a Catalyst for Educational Reform in English Classes: Computer-Supported Writers' Conferences. Cynthia Selfe

Composing One's Self in a Discipline: Students' and Teachers' Negotiations. Anne J. Herrington

U-Shaped Behavior in Basic Writing: The Case for Backsliding. Evangeline Marlos Varonis

Socio-Cognitive Implications for Dialectical and Counter-Productive Audience Activity at Four Levels of Argumentative Writing Performance. Janice N. Hays and Kathleen S. Brandt

Connection and Understanding. Jeanne Fahnestock

Toward Improving Models of Writers: Searching for Models of Audience. Melissa Holland

Writers Meet Their Readers in the Classroom: Revising After Feedback. Barbara M. Sitko

Engineered Revisions in Industry. Mary Rosner

New Historicism and Social Rhetoric: From the Bard to the Boardroom--A Cultural Exchange. Elizabeth A. McCord

Citation and Documentation Across the Curriculum. Diane Dowdey

Enthymemes of Anger in Cicero and Thomas Paine. Jeffrey Walker

Narration, Technical Writing and Culture: The Soul of a New Machine as Narrative Romance. Steven B. Katz

Putting the IRS on Notice: A Lesson in the Tactics of Intimidation. Aletha Hendrickson