Teaching as Scholarship

This university, like most others, is very much aware of its place in the Carnegie Classifications. Those categories are to be radically redefined in 2005. Where will this university rank then?

If we do not adopt the "broader and more encompassing definition of scholarship" that will apparently be applied at that time, we can expect to fall in the rankings.

The graduate school noted that the Boyer commission report "argued that premier research universities like UT at Austin devote insufficient teaching resources to their undergraduates."*

However, the only response of undergraduate divisions here to this challenge of which I am aware is in the Center for Teaching Effectiveness. The center sponsored some U.T. faculty for the Wakonse South Conference on College Teaching organized primarily by Texas A&M. In 1999 the keynote speaker, Brian Coppola of the U of Michigan, a Carnegie PEW scholar, stressed that "Executive committees and other appropriate individuals and groups need to articulate expectations and criteria for judging scholarly work that encompass research, teaching, and service and to establish opportunities to enhance integration." I encourage our deans, chairpersons, and executive committees "to take up the meaning and implications of Scholarship Reconsidered and Scholarship Assessed, especially for the scholarship of teaching." I challenge you to evaluate yourselves in terms of the 9th principle of the Boyer Report: "Change Faculty Reward systems. Research universities must commit themselves to the highest standards in teaching as well as research and create faculty reward structures that validate that commitment."

The Boyer Report

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