The Peaceable Kingdom

My goal in assembling animals for our ranch, was to achieve as much as possible the peaceable kingdom described in Isaiah 11:6

The wolf lives with the lamb,

The panther lies down with the kid,

Calf and lion cub feed together

With a little boy to lead them.

The cow and the bear make friends,

their young lie down together.

The lion eats straw like the ox.

The infant plays over the cobra's hole,

into the viper's lair

the young child puts his hand.

They do no hurt, no harm,

On all my holy mountain,

for the country is filled with the knowledge of Yahweh

as the waters swell the sea.

The popular culture version of this ideal was articulated recently in the movie Babe which inspired us to adopt a pig who escaped and joined our herd.

still from the movie

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