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Brief List of Some of The Famous People Associated with Oxford University

Christ Church College and Cathedral

U.T. student corresponds with Adam Rufus (pupil of Robert Grosseteste ) in 1239 at the Priory which will become Christ Church cathedral.

U. T. student encounters John Wycliffe at Oxford in the 1350's and is shown Christ Church cathedral and meadow as well as Carfax tower and the churches of St. Mary and St. Edmund.

Frewin Hall

U. T. student converses with Erasmus in 1439? at St. Mary’s Hall, which will become Frewin Hall of Brasenose College.

U. T. students dramatize a discussion between Erasmus, Thomas Hobbes, and a young and old John Ruskin.

Balliol College

U. T. student becomes "Wesley Channing," who attends the burial of John Wyclif in 1384 and has a flashback to Balliol in 1373.

U. T. student befriends Gerard Manley Hopkins at Balliol in 1863.

Queens College

U. T. student drinking absinthe in Paris ends up at Queen's College Oxford in the snow in 1355, during the riots of St. Scholastica Day.

U. T. student converses with "Lawrence Winfield" at Queen’s in 1765, who encounters the astronomer Halley and visits Queen's Library (1341).

Hartford College

U. T. student finds lost diary of John Donne's experiences at Hart Hall in 1584.

Magdalen College

U. T. student sets up a date with "Clement Tipps" at Magdalen in 1550.

U. T. student compares freshman experiences with a friend of Oscar Wilde's in the late 1800's

U. T. student converses with C. S. Lewis at Magdalen and at U.T.

U. T. student corresponds with C. S. Lewis at Magdlaen and J. R. Tolkien at Merton.

Merton College

Tolkien visits U. T. student and compares notes.

Exeter College

U. T. student compares notes with William Morris at Exeter in the 1854.

U.T. student visits William Morris and E. C. Burne-Jones at Exeter in 1854.

A spider in the President’s office at U.T. dialogues with a spider at Exeter College who inspired the fantasy writer Philip Pullman, a spider at Christ Church who influenced Lewis Carroll, a spider at Magdalen who inspired C. S. Lewis, and a spider at Merton who influenced J. R. R.Tolkien.

Medical College.

U. T. student exchanges letters with a distant grandfather who attended Oxford in the 1800s on a scholarship.

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