Are these buildings True to Nature? Are they True to Nature according to Ruskin? Can the influence of his essay be detected in these buildings? Can you find his six features of Gothic in them? What sentences are illustrated by what features? What sentences are contradicted by what features?


Littlefield House 300 West 24th, 1893, James Wahrenberger

Old Main, 1883, replaced by the tower

Downtown Area

St. Davids Episcopal Church 300 East 7th. 1850?

St. Marys Cathedral 201 East 10th, at Brazos, 1873-1884, Nicholas Clayton

Tips Building 708 Congress, 1876

Driskill Hotel, 117 E. 7Th, 1885, J. N. Preston

see also  

1880 Post Office 126 W. 6Th, restored by U.T.

Hirshfeld Mansion 305 West 9th, 1886

North-Evans Chateau 708 San Antonio, Alfred Giles

The Bremond Block: 6 homes built by the same family

Houghton House, 307 W. 12th, 1880s-1890s

Butler House, 303 W. 11th, 1880s-1890s, now a parking lot

Travis County Courthouse, 1876-1930

Modern Gothic?

Neoclassical Contrasts

1900 Rio Grande

The State Capitol

Other Neoclassical Examples Downtown

Victorian Architecture West of campus

Texas Military Institute 1111 West 11th St. 1870.

Colonel Edward M House house, 1704 West Ave, 1891, Frank Freeman

Daniel H Caswell house, 1404 West Ave, 1900


Main Bldg, St. Edwards Univ., 1885, Nicholas Clayton

Walter Tips house, moved from W. 7Th to S. Congress by Franklin Savings. 1876



Elizabeth Ney Museum, 304 E. 44Th, 1892

W. J. Oliphant Home, Hyde Park area, 1894

Near Austin


White Elephant Saloon, 242 East Main, 1888

Bank of Fredericksburg, 120 East Main St., 1897

St. Marys Catholic Church, 1861

Gillespie County Courthouse, Public Square, 1881, Alfred Giles

Georgetown: Admin. Bldg, Southwestern Univ., E. 12Th, 1898, Robert Hyer

Giddings: Lee County Courthouse, Public Sq., 1898, J Riely Gordon

Gruene: the Gruene house

New Braunfels: Comal County Courthouse, San Antonion and Sequin, 1898, J Riely Gordon

Elsewhere in Texas

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